23 October 2011

The Pudding Stop Bakewell Tart

When I heard there was a contestant from the BBC 'Great British Bake Off' program, selling puddings locally, I simply had to visit. It took me a while to realise that Johnny is a mobile business and doesn't have a shop. Indeed, his travels and my misguided attempts to find him have lead to me dubbing him "Doctor Who of the pudding world". Of course when you track down the Tardis, a fine selection of traditional puddings and treats are served up to tempt your taste buds. You should check out The Pudding Stop now to plan your visit.

Bakewell Tart from The Pudding Stop
Johnny's Bakewell Tart is generous in size. Being sweet toothed I can easily devour this delicious pudding as a snack. Others may may want to save this for dessert, or even cut it in half.

The pastry is nicely baked, firm, and subtly sweet. It resisted my manhandling whilst arranging the photo and will not let you down if you can't wait to get it home and choose to eat it on the go. The almond sponge is moist and consistent throughout and complemented in texture by a scattering of flaked almonds.

A liberal layer of strawberry jam coats the base. Its slightly thicker at the edge of the tart and does well to keep  the side-wall pasty from drying the mouth. If it was engineered this way, then it is genius, and certainly a good tip I'll try to remember in my own bakes.

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