21 October 2011

Tesco Finest Stem Ginger Cookies

Tesco Finest* Stem Ginger Cookies
It was the eye catching tin that first attracted me to these beauties on my local supermarket shelf. Now without further delay I give you my first product review on this site.

These biscuits are visually inviting. Whilst being of similar size they aren't perfectly round, nor flat on top. Rather they have a rustic, uneven surface revealing flecks of crystallised ginger adding to their appeal.

The bronzed treats are firm but soft. You won't break your teeth. If you break these in half they flex a little first before snapping confidently. In the mouth the biscuit is light. You feel the rough texture of the oats and the chewy crystallised ginger pieces. All too easily you can find yourself using your tongue to pick a errant crumb from your teeth.

*Spicy biscuits made with butter and crystallised
 stem ginger for a warm flavour and soft texture.
The taste of ginger is strong enough to be noticed, but not overpowering. You can chomp through three or four biscuits with no unwelcome aftertaste or any need to take a drink. These subtle qualities make these cookies all very moreish.

Described as "All butter ginger cookies" you might expect them to seem very rich. However I do not find this the case. I calculated each biscuit to have 77.5kcal of energy and 1.9g saturated fat. These appear no worse than a digestive or a Hobnob.

I paid £1.15 for a tube of nine. At 13p a biscuit, in my opinion, they are worth it and I would buy them again. I suggest you seek them out.

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