6 November 2011

The Pudding Stop Treacle Tart

Treacle Tart from The Pudding Stop
If you live or work in Hertfordshire or North London then there will be a Farmer's Market near you where you can visit Johnny at The Pudding Stop.

The pastry of his treacle tart is a dark golden brown and slightly sweet. The bake is consistent with a thin, sturdy base.

A rich aroma of treacle rises up from the pudding, filling the nostrils and tantalising the taste buds. I imagined this dessert to be sickly sweet, but this is simply not the case. The light golden brown treacle is smooth, soft, and melts deliciously in the mouth. The crust of the tart is a deep brown, nearly black, but not at all burnt.

Overall this simple looking pudding has been created with skill and precision. Delightful on its own, I would serve the tart warm with a single scoop of quality vanilla ice cream.

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